Scrap Shear

Scope of application

The scrap shears are installed on excavators and are suitable for various working environments. They can be used for demolition operations, such as the demolition of chemical plants, steel plants and steel structure workshops, and can also be used for recycling of concrete materials. It is perfect Demolition of equipment. Its characteristics are safety, convenience and higher efficiency. Scrap is recycled and decomposed while large pieces of scrap are cut and packaged, which greatly improves work efficiency and avoids manual safety concerns. It is suitable for large and medium-sized scrap recycling stations and municipal demolition operations.


1. Unique design and innovative way ensure efficient operation and strong cutting power, 2. The elongation can be improved by increasing the strength, and adopting a special jaw size and a special blade design, 3. The powerful hydraulic cylinder greatly strengthens the closing force of the jaws so as to cut the hardest steel materials. 4. High-grade steel manufacturing ensures the maximum strength and best wear resistance of the tool, and the use time is longer. 5, 360° rotation ensures precise positioning of attachments, 6. It is suitable for all industrial scrap yards and can cut iron materials, such as scrap cars, steel, cans, pipes, etc.


1, Extremely high cutting force and optimal performance to weight ratio, 2, Powerful cylinder with speed valve – fully protected in the shear body . 3, More cutting force due to offset APEX of shear blades, 4, Body made of wear resistant, fine grained steel, 5, Heavy duty bearings in the pivot points for a long lifetime, 6, Unique, extremly robust Shear Arm Guiding System, 7, Robust mouth design with large opening for scrap and concrete, 8, Exchangeable and re-weldable piercing tip, 9, All blades are 4 or 8 times indexable, 10, Unique Blade Locking System (BLS) in upper and lower jaw, 11, Heavy duty 360° rotation with oversized slewing ring. (shear also available without rotation), 12, Filter in rotation circuit. Optional: Different airbrush designs.

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