Quick Coupler


1, Functional integration design: using high-strength manganese steel and structural integration mechanical design, durable and suitable for the assembly requirements of excavators of various tonnages. 2, Fully automatic safety system: An electric switch is installed in the cab to replace high-cost oil pressure with electricity, which is convenient for the driver to operate. 3, A hydraulic control check valve and mechanical locking safety device are installed on each oil cylinder to ensure that the quick connector can work normally when the oil circuit and the circuit are cut off. 4, Each quick connector is equipped with a safety pin protection system to ensure that the quick connector can work normally in the event of a failure of the quick connector cylinder and play a "double insurance" role. 5, Diversity and versatility The diversity of connector design ensures that the same connector can be used on multiple brands of excavators of the same tonnage. At the same time, the versatility of the connector also ensures a wide range of connections including grabs, rippers, etc., especially Is good at connecting these devices, such as breakers, rock crushers, hydraulic shears, etc.

Fully automatic safety system

A switch is installed in the cab, and the safety pin can be installed by simply pressing the switch button in the cab. Therefore, the trouble of getting out of the cab is saved. The new technology of opening and closing the safety pin is achieved through the use of the electric drive system of the excavator, rather than the hydraulic system. Therefore, high-cost oil pressure is replaced by electricity, which saves costs in production. In the cab, the automatic sound of the horn can be used to determine whether it has been connected. In the case of a broken wire, the safety of manual conversion can be ensured.