Multi Crusher

Application range

It is a front-end device of an excavator that is installed on an excavator, with the help of the power provided by the excavator, through the combination of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the crushing tongs to achieve the effect of crushing concrete. It is widely used in the demolition industry and industrial waste. occasion.


1, Various pliers are used for easy replacement and assembly. 2, Equipped with powerful double-cylinder execution efficiency, it is more robust and efficient. 3, Efficient performance based on strong cutting of steel structure and parts. 4, Light weight and higher safety. The application of crushing tongs is significant in terms of safety, environmental protection, and cost saving. Safety: construction personnel do not touch the construction, adapt to the requirements of safe construction in complex terrain; Environmental protection: Fully hydraulic drive realizes low noise operation and does not affect the surrounding environment during construction; Low cost: simple and convenient operation, less staffing, reducing labor costs, machine maintenance and other construction costs; Convenience: convenient transportation; convenient installation, just link the corresponding pipeline; Long life: reliable quality and longer life.